Sovereignty landmark in heroic hometown


In Binh Duong commune, Thang Binh district of the Central province of Quang Nam, a replica of the sovereignty landmark built on Truong Sa Island of Truong Sa island district in the Central coastal province of Khanh Hoa has made a deep impression on local people and visitors.

>>Artistic program in praise of love for national seas and islands

Sovereignty landmark in heroic hometown

The replica, 1.7m in width and 6m in height, erected in front of the commune People’s Committee, was a present from the commune Veterans’ Association.

The landmark symbolizes the strong will of the heroic commune of Binh Duong which was bestowed with the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” three times.

In the resistance war against American invaders, the commune was named the “iron land” because despite the enemy’s raids and pacification campaigns, the people of the commune were determined to stand side by side with guerillas and local troops to unyieldingly fight against the enemy and achieve outstanding feats of arms.

Sovereignty landmark in heroic hometown via Bao thanh nien

In that resistance war for national salvation, over half of the commune’s population laid down their lives. The commune is home to 1,367 fallen soldiers and 300 Vietnamese heroic mothers.

That is the reason why any tourists to this coastal land always feel excited about seeing the sovereignty landmark and bear in their minds information on the national sovereignty over Truong Sa Island which is engraved on the landmark.

For Truong Nguyen Hoang Lan, a student of Le Dinh Chinh Secondary School, she is very happy and proud when seeing the sovereignty landmark right in her home town. Meanwhile, Ho Chi Linh, who used to work in the Truong Sa archipelago to defend the sacred sovereignty of the nation over the seas and islands, said each time he sees the sovereignty landmark, he feels his memories of his youthfulness being revived. He has thoroughly understood difficulties, hardships, losses and sacrifice facing troops and islanders.

The sovereignty landmark has become a “red address” to help raise the public’s awareness of the national sovereignty over the seas and islands, heighten national patriotism and responsibilities of younger generations in protecting the national sovereignty over the seas and islands.

About Truong Sa

Truong Sa via Tuoi tre

Trường Sa is an island district of Khánh Hòa Province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. It was established on the basis of the Spratly Islands, which is also claimed wholly or in part by the Republic of China (Taiwan), the People’s Republic of China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. According to the 2009 census, the district has a population of 195 people.

Trường Sa District was established on the basis of small coral islands/cays, reefs and banks of the Spratly Islands which is 248 nautical miles away from Cam Ranh. As the islands contains a large number of scattered geographic entities, it is imaginatively divided into eight clusters including Song Tu, Thi Tu, Loai Ta, Nam Yet, Sinh Ton, Trường Sa, Tham Hiem and Binh Nguyen by Vietnam.

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