China – Truong Sa – Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days – 5 nights

China – Truong Sa - Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days - 5 nights
China – Truong Sa - Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days - 5 nights
  • Tour ID: 9103
  • Departure day: daily
  • Time: 6 days 5 nights
  • Departure: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Destination: Truong Sa – China
  • Vehicle: Cars, Planes

Itinerary of China – Truong Sa – Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days – 5 nights

Day 01: HCMC – HONGKONG – TRUONG SA / HO NAM (Lunch, Dinner on the plane)

Gathered at Tan Son Nhat airport, tour guide and procedures for flight CX 766 (11: 30/15: 10) to Hongkong. Start tour of China – Truong Sa – Phoenix Ancient Town – Zhangjiajie 6 days 5 nights.

Chek Lap Kok airport (most modern airport in Asia, transit procedures and forward flight KA 720 (16: 45/18: 20) goes Changsha (Hunan, China).

International Airport to Changsha, HDV and local vehicle pick you to the hotel to rest.

Check in at the hotel 4 * Mexihu International Hotel or similar.


Have breakfast. Departure to Phoenix ancient town – a town quite beautiful ancient Chinese Phoenix is located in the district, with old houses close to the mountains and their inspiration Da Giang river dreaming. The place was very well preserved both historical value, cultural and retain the value of ethnic minorities, children remain the most ều Miao, Han, Tujia, Islam.

Have lunch, then continue to visit:

• You can stroll around the town with the small boat was rowed by hand. (self-sufficiency cost)

• Visit the local buildings, the streets, the shops selling arts and crafts of local people. Walking in the streets of stone to feel the life of the people here.

• Bridge Hongqiao – with covered bridge architecture, a bridge – house, designed in the style “Phoenix” characteristic of the ancient town.

Have dinner. About check Jiangtian Resort 4 * hotel or similar lodging, free tour of the Phoenix discovery at night.

China – Truong Sa - Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days - 5 nights
China – Truong Sa – Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days – 5 nights

Day 3: PHOENIX ANCIENT TOWN – Zhangjiajie (3 meals)

Have breakfast, car to depart for Zhangjiajie (350 km about 4 hours drive) – a unique natural wonder with over 3,000 stone pillars, cliffs shapes made from sandstone, and many caves with colorful stalactites. UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage in 1992 and World Geopark in 2004.

Have lunch, continue to visit:

• Skywalk – The road along the towering cliffs Dinh Thien Mon bridge, about 80 meters long, which has a glass tile section so visitors can see the landscape at his feet at a height of 1,400 m.

• Gate sky – Dinh Thien Thien Mon Mon and – to the summit, visitors must go all 11km long road winding mountain roads with turning 99, 9 bow symbolizes the Heavenly Home, climbing over 999 steep ladder of the top Thien Mon, visitors will reach the gates of heaven – with a semicircle and as high as 130m, which is a giant hole was Mother Nature “carved” inside the mountain.

• Junsheng Gallery – paintings gallery was made from natural materials including sand, pieces of stone, natural vegetation creating miniature landscapes of China

Have dinner. Get a room at Palace Hotel 4 * or equivalent

Day 4: Zhangjiajie (3 meals)

Have breakfast. Departure to visit Zhangjiajie:

• Hoang Long Ecological Park, boat trips on the underground river inside Huanglong scenic Beautiful scenery wonderful, War of n úi cliffs, rocks, valleys deep changes in the sun brings a different beauty together, while glittering gold, at the murky mystery.

• National Park Zhangjiajie – Wulingyuan. Take the cable car to the Thien Tu Son, take the tram to the Gia Vien Duong Gia Gender or Gender – standing on the summit zoom down to the valley with thousands of hundreds of meters high stone pillar, between the peaks, ravines is the waterfall, fountain, cave. Two input bunched together cliffs formed a natural bridge, is the people here call “heaven First Overseas”. This is a mountain area famous Hallelujah – prototypes for the filmmakers created the mountains floating in the sea of clouds in the blockbuster movie Avatar (2009) – Zhangjiajie National Park, also known as ” Pandora on earth “.

• Get off the mountain by lift White Dragon – The elevator installation steep cliff straight into when going down or going up steep cliff can see spectacular panoramic mountain and splendid four sides around .

• Ten-Mile Gallery Tours by train 1km (including 1-way)

Have lunch. Visiting Chinese herbal shops, jewelry, silk shops.

Have dinner. Get a room at Palace Hotel 4 * or similar ..

Self-view extravaganza show Thien Tu Son foothills – is a natural stage of China’s largest with more than 600 actors.

China – Truong Sa - Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days - 5 nights
China – Truong Sa – Phoenix Ancient Town – Truong Gia Gioi 6 days – 5 nights

Day 5: Zhangjiajie – TRUONG SA (3 meals)

Have breakfast. Then, depart for sightseeing:

• Mountain Music Stream Kim Tien Loc or – 7.5 km long, clear water, clear view of each bush, grass, rocks, pebbles at the bottom. In line with m ot Kim Tien fish species to 4 inches big just is not big anymore.

• Kim Tien Phong – 350m high, precipice walls like a giant horns -do shaped a golden whip in the sun should be named Kim Tien

Have lunch. Departure of Changsha Xiang River flows romantic sight.

• Silk Gallery most famous Xiangxi in Hunan Province

Have dinner. 4 * Hotel check Changsa Dolton Grand Source Hotel or similar


Have breakfast. Free shopping Free shopping at Hoang Hung – the biggest shopping mall Central South.

About time, bus transfer to the airport, flight KA 721 (19: 15/20: 55) to Hongkong, interline flight CX 765 (16: 20/17: 55) back to HCMC. End tour China – Changsha – Phoenix Ancient Town – Zhangjiajie 6 days 5 nights.


• Roundtrip airfare for economy class in groups.
• Airport security fees, fuel charges, airport taxes.
• China Visa Immigration Union.
• Hotel 4 * standard double or triple room for gender reasons.
• Meals as program standards 40 RMB / person / meal.
• Tours and transportation as program
• Guide during the tour
• Travel Insurance & Gifts.

Not Includes:

• Passport (valid for at least 06 months prior to the date of Vietnam). Passport ensures the following factors: the image is not damaged, blur-free, full information, whether the term used, but if the image is blurred, still not be exported or entry.
• Single room supplement.
• Surcharge business class airline tickets or individual tickets (if available).
• Excursions outside the program, personal expenses, excess baggage charges, telephone calls, laundry …
• Surcharge increased fuel cost at the time of ticket (if applicable).
• For overseas Vietnamese living overseas who have a visa or leave to bring the time to tour, Vietnam visa (01 times) to make entry visa to Vietnam VND 1,280,000 / pax (taken at the gate at Tan Son Nhat has value 01thang / 01 time).
• Carry a US Citizenship surcharges Chinese visa 2,580,000 VND / person, other foreign nationality surcharges, foreign nationals with children under 18 must add birth certificate, consular report, Vietnam visa nationals leave surcharges 850,000 VND / person.
• Fostering the luggage porters households.
• Tip for tour guide and local driver